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stainless kitchen islandServing Chicago, we fabricate stainless steel countertops, railings, hand rails, islands, cabinets, tables, benches…and anything else you can dream up!

From small individual or custom stainless steel pieces to complete commercial kitchens and installations – we do it all!

We feature many ready-to-build items for home and commercial use.

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Residential & Commercial

We are happy to provide our services to both residential and commercial customers.  No matter if you are looking to outfit your kitchen at home, or open a new bar/restaurant – we are here to help!

nsf commercial kitchenCustom Fabricated Just For You

While we do offer many standardized products, we can make anything.  You can create something from the ground up, or modify one of our existing items to fit your needs.  Whatever it is you desire, we can design and fabricate virtually any stainless steel fixture you can think of!

Whether you need a custom one-off stainless steel piece, or a production run consisting of hundreds or thousands of the same piece, we are equipped to meet your needs.  Our quality workmanship will ensure consistency with tight tolerances, precise welds, and durable products that stand the test of time.

How Does Chicago Steel Fabricators Work?

Stainless steel becomes quite strong after fabrication. There are lots of steps active in the Chicago steel fabrication process. The steel is created tough by deforming it. Greater the steel becomes the challenging shape it requires. The cost from the steel continues growing with each and every stage of hardening. We provide the very best Stainless Steel Fabrication Chicago once we do fabrication of railings, benches, countertops, cabinets and much more. These products may be used both in your home or commercial purposes.

Stainless Steel Tables

Stainless Steel Fabrication ChicagoStainless steel tables are extremely helpful and discover its ways in homes and offices, too. The primary reason behind that the stainless steel table is preferred over wood by customers is the durability. You will get stainless steel Chicago tables of numerous sizes and shape on the market and you may buy according to your need. The stainless steel tables we make have high quality because we all do fabrication of steel which makes it more powerful. We make customized tables just as per your need and specs.

Home and Commercial Stainless Steel Countertops

The interest in stainless steel countertops is growing on the market due to various reasons. Because we result in the countertops in the steel after fabrication, the finished goods are greatly durable and last for several years. Furthermore, Chicago’s design are very elegant and match with lots of different modern kitchen decoration. The largest customized metal fabrication according to your need, size and budget. Our products may be used for both industrial and residential purposes and also the cost we provide is very affordable.

High Quality Commercial and Residential Stainless Steel Islands

If you’re planning for any kitchen makeover then getting metal Chicago fabricator for your kitchen needs can provide you many ergonomic advantages. Exactly why our stainless steel islands are extremely famous modern kitchen happens because it’s super easy to keep clean and maintain making from steel fabrication. If you’re able to handle it carefully to help keep the scratches out, they are able to offer metallic shine for any lengthy, lengthy time. Ideas offer stainless steel islands for kitchen decoration that provide refined finishes and immaculate sparkle with lengthy lasting body that stays for a long time.

High Quality Stainless Steel Benches

To include efficiency for your kitchen you might give a Chicago stainless steel bench. It will not only help you to definitely maintain hygiene but additionally makes cooking a great deal simpler. These metal benches are heat proof and corrosion free. Besides stainless steel kitchen benches, we manufacture sturdy lengthy lasting stainless steel work benches along with the sitting bench. You are able to request various kinds of finishes for the steel benches including polished, patterns, brushed, and perforated. Make certain with residential and commercial clients to produce stainless steel products.

Kitchen and Commercial Food Safe Stainless Steel Products

You will find a range of benefits of using stainless steel products in cooking and beverages. Among the best advantages you receive using Chicago stainless steel could it be is corrosion free. Furthermore, these items are heat resistant and also the reliability of stainless steel products is yet another most engaging property. Stainless steel can also be neutral and safe to food products, and that’s why most experts who will work in food industries prefer using stainless steel products. We’ve satisfied a large number of our clients by providing them customized stainless steel solutions based on their demands and needs.

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